Pallet Flow

Offering substantial labour and space savings over selective or Drive-In racking systems, Pallet Flow Racking utilizes a calculated angle of decent to advance pallets along roller track or track beds from restocking position (charge) to the picking position (discharge) of the system. Pallet Flow Racking maximizes storage density with a flow through gravity fed design that allows the pallet to flow, under controlled speed, to the discharge position for removal. This First In, First Out system (FIFO) simplifies tracking and locating inventory while ensuring that product receives proper stock rotation. Each Pallet Flow Racking system is uniquely designed by Space Aid's Engineering Department to fit your operational requirements. Standard systems are designed to accommodate CPC or GMA pallets, however designs are available to suit non-standard pallets and containers.

Ideal for both manual full carton and individual parts picking applications, Carton Flow allows product rotation on a First In, First Out basis (FIFO). Utilizing a calculated angle of decent, Carton Flow roller tracks position cartons automatically from the restocking position (charge) to the picking position (discharge) of the system allowing order pickers and assemblers uninterrupted product supply. Carton Flow racking systems are well-suited to operations where fast and precise picking accuracy, maximizing SKU pick faces and simultaneous order loading and picking are crucial. Average design loads range from 5 lbs. to 125 lbs. per linear foot with maximum flow lengths up to 144″. Carton Flow can transform static rack into high capacity, gravity flow picking systems that keep stock easy to see and easy to access at all times.

  • Dividers
  • Additional Lanes
  • Staggered Wheel Patterns


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