Cantilever Racking With Decking

Using a bar grating style flooring for each shelf level of a cantilever system provides the ultimate flexibility in product storage. This type of universal system can accommodate almost any type of product regardless of weight, length or height.


This custom designed system is used by customers with a variety of different products that need to be stored in the same area. High density systems can be designed using side loader equipment using a structural guiderail or wire guided systems.

Cantilever racking offers precision inventory control for any business using material of various lengths and sizes. Typical loads include metal extrusions, steel bars, tubes, pipes and lumber. With the use of narrow aisle or guided rail systems, high density Cantilever racking maximizes floor and vertical space. Floor guide rails and entry guards make these industrial racking systems safe and easy to use. Angle runners are also available for custom material handling equipment.


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