Bolted Racking

UNIRAK KD (Knock Down) is Space Aid Manufacturing’s bolted version of pallet racking that offers strength, flexibility, and cost savings over welded racking.

Additional benefits include ...

  • Practical Easy shipping, delivery, and installation.
  • Fast Typically available from stock and fully interchangeable with welded uprights, UNIRAK KD racking allows an immediate response to any installation, repair, or modification need.
  • Safe Simple replacement of damaged components instantly restores system integrity while avoiding downtime and storage system lock-out.
  • Economical Reduced freight, lower maintenance and repair costs, minimal downtime, and higher resale values.
  • 30% Savings on future replacement costs versus welded uprights
  • Increased capacity versus welded uprights
  • Complete system flexibility
  • 100% Interchangeable with welded uprights
  • Available in both 13 gauge and 14 gauge
  • Powder coated or pre-galvanized finish
  • Pre-Engineered connections
  • Reduced lead times and stock availability
  • Easy integration of accessories
  • Reduced downtime
  • Single and welded double post options
  • Reduced freight

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