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Cantilever Racking With Roof

Protect your product from harsh outdoor weather conditions with our Cantilever Racking with Roof Systems. Designed for outdoor applications, this type of system provides all the benefits of a conventional cantilever racking system while protecting your product from rain, snow, ice and sun damage. Our single or double sided angled roof design incorporates the perfect pitch to shield your product from the elements; additional features such as cladded side walls and back are also available for added protection. Typical outdoor applications include lumber yards, retail home and building supply centers and various outdoor shipping yard operations. All systems are custom designed in accordance with local building codes; ideally outdoor cantilever racking systems should be installed on a suitable concrete slab. Structural considerations for wind and snow load are also included as part of our design. All systems are available in a powder coated with a UV resistant coating or hot dip galvanized coating.

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