Space Aid has developed a formalized storage system and racking inspection program for its customers to ensure that their storage systems remain in compliance with applicable regulations. We complete storage and racking inspections for new and existing customers on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. This storage and racking inspection is inclusive of a site visit completed by one of Space Aid’s certified rack inspectors and a subsequent report. The report includes a summary, checklist, images, and layout drawing with specific recommendations to address damage and improve safety.

We have worked with many customers that have had orders to comply issued by the Ministry of Labour and with our systematic program of inspections, services and engineering support we were able to bring their existing systems into compliance. An inspection is the first step towards obtaining proper certification of the system. During the site visit, all system details are compiled including the requirements for service and repair along with the details for engineering analysis. Once all repairs are completed, a finite element analysis specific to the customer’s brand and system design is completed to determine an accurate load rating for each elevation. Once the engineered stamped drawings are completed, proper signage is provided to ensure operators are aware of the system loading criteria. This is done with data capacity plaques mounted in highly visible locations throughout the system.

Space Aid offers Pre-Start Health and Safety Review services to bring systems into compliance with the applicable provisions of Regulation for Industrial Establishments as listed in section 7 of Regulation 851 of the Occupational Health & Safety Act. A PSR is a required written report completed by a licensed engineer on the construction, addition or installation of a new apparatus, structure, protective element or process, or modifications to an existing apparatus, structure, protective element or process. The report details the measures necessary to bring the construction, addition, installation or modification into compliance.


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