Structural Storage Platform

Our Structural Storage Platform/Mezzanines are ideal for a wide range of applications and allow for custom designs for specific applications. Standard capacity is 125lbs./sq.ft. but can be adjusted to suit any capacity and deflection criteria based on each customer's specific needs.


Structural platform applications can include maintenance platforms, show room additions, long span requirements or heavy duty applications. Flooring options include standard roofdeck and plywood or specialized options such as checkerplate or bar grating. All storage systems are designed to meet building code requirements that include unique guardrail, pivot gates, staircases and ladder access as required. Structural review and stamped drawings are available by both Professional Engineer and Architect.

Pre-engineered open web steel joist or structural wide flange designs are manufactured from 50ksi material. Standard truss heights range from 8″ to 14″ with larger profiles available to meet increased loading and deflection requirements.

Typically range from 3″sq. – 8″ sq. H.S.S. and are designed to suit specific loading conditions.

42″ high and manufactured from H.S.S. materials. Our unique vertical picket design with 5″ kick plate meets current Municipal, Provincial and National building codes.

Storage mezzanine staircases are constructed using rigid structural components and can be designed for direct or side entry to the storage mezzanine. Egress calculations are used to determine the quantity and placement of stair sets for each project.

Pivot gate, sliding gate, and swing gate options are available.

Storage mezzanine flooring options include corrugated galvanized roof deck with plywood or checkerplate, rod and bar grating, open steel plank, Mezz-Tread® and ResinDEK®.


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